Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Electronic Musician Podcast - LivePA Episode

In the latest episode of The Electronic Musician Podcast, I covered as my topic for discussion LivePA. Essentially my discussion is an outline of my LivePA Getting Started Guide posted here on the boards. If you are interested in hearing it, or if you are just interested in checking out a great (wink, wink) podcast for electronic music producers head on over to to check it out.


swingkat said...

Great show this week Sup, I really learned a lot. You have any show notes on the stuff you talked about? I wanted to check out some of the grooveboxes you were chatting up during the last half of the show.

M.A.S. said...

There are show notes at this link for the site.
Show Archive

Unfortunately I don't believe I have links for individual boxes that I talked about. I would suggest heading over to to and search for the boxes you are interested there for info on them.