Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Logic Studio Released!!!!! Mainstage Performing Software Announced

.:Logic Studio Mainstage:.

Looks like Apple has finally updated Logic Pro and from what I hear it needed it. While I won't go into the details here about all of the new features, there is one significant feature that could be extremely useful for livePA artists. This new feature is a performance platform called Mainstage.

Mainstage offers Keyboard racks to get started quickly using keyboard templates featuring Studio Instruments and Studio Effects, or build your own custom rack with personalized sounds, layers, and splits. Custom templates to design your performance setup to your own style and song arrangement. Hardware controls for keyboards and controls surfaces.

Additional features include a guitar setup for tone manipulation as well as the ability to monitor midi inputs, memory usage and more. For more information check the link above.

About the only think off the top of my head that is missing would be ReWire support for other encironments like Reason and Ableton Live.

For more information on Logic Studio itself checkout

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