Sunday, September 10, 2006

Anchorsong: Set the Bears Free

I stumbled across this video while browsing on Youtube tonight and just had to post it up. It features the artist Anchorsong jamming away on what appears to be an Akai MPC and a Korg Triton LE. Not only is the music killer, but his on the fly beatmaking skills and pad drumming are extremely impressive. I don't know if I have ever seen someone jam live on an MPC like that before.



Anonymous said...

can you explain how he's doing this? Is he utilizing the onboard sequencer inside the Triton? or is he just using the Triton for the sounds and recording them into the MPC?

M.A.S. said...

Honestly I am not 100% sure how he has the setup going, because the video is so dark and we cannot see his routings.

I personally think the Triton sounds are recorded to a midi track on the Triton for two reasons: 1. You clearly see him tap a button before he sits down in front of the Triton. He hits this button again when he stands up from the Triton. Whether this is a rcord button or not is unknown. 2. The MPC is so far away that it seems difficult to record to it live. We never see him hit record or stop recording on it. Also for me the loop points on the MPC would be difficult to deal with I think. The Triton is used readily as a stage piano and it is not unreasonable to assume, even if you haven't used one that its sequencer has at least some live or realtime capabilities.