Saturday, September 23, 2006

Nofi: IDM Downtempo Liveset

Here is an intresting liveset from artist Nofi. No info on where or with what this set was performed with, but it was performed on 02/11/06. If you like some glitchy sort of Coldcut style electronica then here ya go.

.:Nofi Live 01/11/06:.


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Anonymous said...

Where: a small house party among friends. Hardware & Software: Apple G4 iBook running Ableton Live 5 with a mix of freeware VST and AU plug-ins (Automat synth, Buzzer synth, SupaTrigga effect, daHornet synth, Skidder effect, Magical 8-bit synth). Some bloops and bleeps were generated in Reaktor 5. The background audio clips were ripped from various movies (e.g. THX-1138, Element of Crime, Tomorrow People, 2046). Visit for more info. Cheers,