Monday, September 11, 2006

Stylus Magazine Article: The Real Deal-Toward an Aesthetic of Authentic Live Dance Music

.:Toward an Aesthetic of Authentic Live Dance Music Part 1:.

An extremely long title and an extremely long read, Stylus magazine has an interesting article that I happened to come upon that discusses the artistic debates that surround live electronic music. The article starts out with an analogy of the photograph and how at the time people had issues with it destroying art and painting as it was known at the time.

The article is pretty deep and fairly academic, but really takes a nice indepth look at the debate surrounding livePA as an art form.

The idea of a "live PA"’ (or live public appearance, public address, or sound system) is a relatively rare phenomenon in the sphere of live electronic dance music. Using all manner of mixing consoles, computers, software, hard disk recorders, keyboards, drum machines, samplers, sequencers, filters and effects processors, the live PA attempts to emulate the aesthetics of DJ performance without necessarily relying upon vinyl to accomplish this daunting task. In many ways, the live PA represents a hybrid of live musical paradigms, both past and present: on one side, there is the presence of musicians on a stage in front of an audience, arranging and performing electronic dance music in real-time; on the other side, there is the notion that all this "liveness" is ultimately designed to reproduce a fundamentally recorded aesthetic, and as such, the live PA works with samples, loops and sequences as its primary means of replicating the sounds of electronic dance music found on vinyl. The primary instrument of the electronic dance music aesthetic the studio is transported to the stage, where the multi-track mixing console and effects processor become as musically malleable in the hands of a skilled performer as would a keyboard or guitar.

EDIT: I just found that there is a part 2 to this article .:Here:.


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Anonymous said...

That's such crap, saying that livePA only seeks to emulate "a fundamentally recorded aesthetic" found only on vinyl records and in dj performance. It's the other way around, dammit: DJs are trying to simplify the performance of electronic music by using self-contained, linnear musical media as a basis for performance.

Electronica predates the advent of the DJ mix by a long damn time, and was thusly performed live by neccessity. Don't believe me? Try checking out the history of the band Kraftwerk (started in the 60's) versus the history of things like beatmatching and extended dj mixes (first appearing in clubs during the 1970's, didn't stop sucking until the 80's when people actually started trying to match beats and harmonics)

Saying it's the other way around is like saying that walking is trying to emulate the experience of driving around in your car.