Monday, September 25, 2006

DIY Quick and Simple Gear Protection: Luggage and Foam

If you are the type of artist who simply throws their gear into the back of their car to do local shows in your area, there is probably no need to go out and purchase expensive ATA flight cases.

It is amazing actually how many artists I see transporting their gear using the box and styrofoam that it came in. Instead of going through all of the trouble and expense of an ATA flight case, think instead of investing in some low cost luggage and foam mattress pads paired with some luggage from your local Target or Walmart.

One of these pads will run you approximately $12 for a "Full" size bed and should be enough to cover all of the insides of your luggage and your gear.

For the luggage you can purchase something as simple as this .:5-piece luggage set:. for about $30 from Target, or go with the retro look and pick something up from your local Salvation Army.

This simple but effective gear casing solution should be able to get you through just about any travel need except an actual check in onto a flight. Once packed up your gear will be very secure and approximately 3-4" of foam padding will be around your gear protecting it from just about any impact it might come across.


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