Saturday, October 06, 2007

Ambrosia Software - WireTap Studio Preview

Ambrosia Software - WireTap Studio Preview

Well it has been a rather slow week with respects to LivePA. Just not much is coming out. That being said I did find this interesting new small recording software called WireTap Studio from indie mac developers Ambrosia Software.

WireTap is essentially a lightweight recording piece of software that allows you to "record anything". You can record any line in or internal software applications audio source. What is nice is that you can isolate internal software sounds for recording. It also features up to two simultaneous isolation slots for software.

The software is designed to be extremely lightweight and small and offers live preview of your recordings as well as a fully expanded audio editor or minimized record view. It might even be light enough to throw onto your laptop and record your internal session of of Ableton Live, well.......Live!!!!!

No news or pricing as of yet, but you can see some videos showcasing the software at the above link. Word is, it should be released sometime this coming week for a rather reasonable price.


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ashley said...

This looks like such a cool application, I can't wait for it to come out.