Sunday, October 07, 2007

Radikal Technologies - Spectralis

.:Radikal Technologies - Spectralis:.

The Radikal Technologies Spectralis. Perhaps one of the most talked about new pieces of hardware showcased at NAMM a few years ago, it quickly was gone and never seen in the press afterwards. It looks to be the killer all in one box that all livePA artists have looked for, but for some reason it just does not seem to be all that popular. I have no idea why. It could be the $2,500 price tag (although people drop $1500 on MachineDrum's and Jomox 09's all the time), it could be that the thing is buggy. Personally I have no idea, but I would bet that there are a good few number of people out there who have absolutely no idea what the thing is.

The specs are pretty full on this one, and you can find them in the company's PDF Brochure, but I will spell out a few here.

4 free running oscillators
2 Analog filters
8 bandpass, 1 hi-pass, and 1 digital low-pass filter
96 step, 16 song, 256 pattern sequencer.
48 voice polyphony with synthesis, and multi-sample capabilities
8 audio outs, USB 2.0, SmartCard support

So anyone have any experience with one of these. I have never seen on in the wild myself and I would love to hear from anyone out there who is an owner.


Anonymous said...

Killer LivePA box.... But buggy? I think not. Crashes in a LivePA mean no sound. That's bad.

For that pricetag you could get WAY more powerful gear.

nickmaxwell said...

Hmm, seems like a potentially great box. I wish there was a better video demo of it, though. Personally, I would rather have a monomachine and machinedrum than one of these things, but I am always open to having my mind changed.

M.A.S. said...

I wasn't meaning to imply that the system was buggy. I was actually just speculating as to why you don't seem many of them out there.

To be honest I have no idea.

I probably should have worded that more clearly to imply just random hypothesis.