Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Terpstra Generalized MIDI Keyboard

.:Terpstra Generalized MIDI Keyboard:.

Now here is a crazy, crazy midi controller. The Terpstra is a microtonal keyboard with an interesting sextuple key interface. It really is too hard for me to describe so I am just going to leave it to the website to adequately explain.

The TERPSTRA generalized MIDI keyboard is a professional grade studio and live-performance MIDI controller. Its design is well suited for any MIDI-based application that requires a rich control surface.
Key parameters such as max/min position, velocity curves, key note, key channel, and button behaviour can be programmed via SYSEX for each key. A PC-based key-programming utility comes with the product. Any software that can send customizable SYSEX commands can be used, such as Apple's Logic Pro. A full microtonal Logic Pro environment using Logic grand-piano samples is available. Manuel Op De Coul's free SCALA program will play microtonal notes on inexpensive PC-based hardware.

Features include
- 280 velocity sensitive keys
- expressive, deep key travel
- customizable and swappable keycaps for ease of navigation
- each key externally programmable via SYSEX
- keys can send travel position to continuous controllers (faders)
- additional 10 programmable function keys
- 1/4" input jacks for foot switch and volume pedal

No idea on the pricing but I bet this one is not cheap.

via Gizmodo.com


Anonymous said...


That picture encourages poor form.

Bogdan said...

The Terpstra Keyboard is available to purchase for a one-time limited edition of 20 pcs. See link below for infos, make sure to read the first post: