Saturday, October 27, 2007

Pro Tools Mbox 2 Micro

.:Pro Tools Mbox 2 Micro:.

Ok, I suppose I should post this one simply because it is worthy news, but after you read the info on it you will probably roll your eyes wondering what the heck Digidesign is thinking on this one.

Digidesign has released a new USB dongle extension to its Mbox lineup called the Mbox 2 Micro. What I can only presume their aim here is, is to further allow laptop users more mobility from the traditional Mbox while on the road. Unfortunately this little USB plug comes up extremely short. It is nothing more then a glorified USB dongle with 1/8" headphone output and no audio inputs. Ohh and by the way, it costs $279!!!!!!

Wait, what? Are they serious? Digidesign, come on. It is 2007. I can understand how you want to have the hardware connection for security reasons, but really, this thing should be packed into the box of every Pro Tools purchase as a convenience to your customers.


Ryan said...

I couldn't agree more! After reading about the Micro I was like,"WTF?!" It made almost no sense to me. Digidesign/Avid Technlogy made a hardware dependant software and now it really shows! Gimme' a break...$279 to allow me to say I have a "DigiDesign" device installed. My man M.A.S. stated it perfectly..."glorified USB dongle"! That's ALL it is! I second the motion to have the Micro included with the MBox for us mobile producers!!

Aussie Stew said...

Amen to that one! My sentiments exactly. It's not as if it's doing any work. It's just an access key. I don't even need the stereo out jack. And how stingy even for that amount they could have put at least one channel on it. Anyway I need one asap so they have me by the big ones.