Monday, October 01, 2007

Has Korg Discontinued the Electribe Series?

Now here is an interesting one. I popped onto a couple of my frequently visited online music stores and noticed that none of them seem to have the Korg Electribes for sale any longer. Now it does appear that the ESX-1 and the EMX-1 are still available, but the good ole' "classic" EA-1, ER-1 and ES-1 are no longer available.

It also appears that the EA-1 and the ER-1 have been removed from the Korg website as you can see in the image below. I mentioned that earlier in the year, but at the time all of the electribes were still available in stores. Now it appears they truly are gone.


Anonymous said...

I think the ES-1 mkII is still available, novamusik still has them listed.

Got to admit theyre looking kind of dated today, although nothing has really come along and taken their place, in a similar price range. .would love for a mk3 to be coming!

J. Wells said...

They're looking dated, sure, but the 303/808/909 combo took a couple of years to really come into their own too. They have their flaws, but as a longtime Elecribe user, I have to say that they're massively under-utilized. In fact, though the hands-on interfaces have a neato factor, they actually don't come close to matching the potential of the electronics underneath. I've managed to juice some pretty amazing shit out of just the old ES-1 over the years.

My $.02 American.