Monday, February 19, 2007

Grindvik Live Laptop Jam 09/01/06

BIG EDIT: Whoops it looks like I made a huge mistake on this one and accidentally mislabeled this liveset. This liveset is in fact by artist Holotropik, and not Grindvik. My apologies to both of you. You can find Holotropik's work over at his website or at his myspace page:

Holotropik Live Laptop Jam 09/01/06

The liveset this week is from electronic artist Grindvik. Grindvik hails all the way from Stockhom Sweden and has quite an extensive tour schedule going on at the moment. This liveset style is in the vien of more IDM style techno, but not quite as glitchy has our recent livePA offerings have been. If your looking for some more information about Grindvik checkout his myspace page at: and try to catch a show if he is coming to your area.

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holotropik said...

How are you?

I just found this link while doing a google search.

The link you have here is actually for one of my sets that I did back in Sept 2006 for a gig called LaptopJam here in Australia.

You put the link under Grindvik as one of his sets and I am sure he wouldnt appreciate being linked to one of my poorer quality sets.

Please correct if you can ;)

Glen (Holotropik)