Monday, February 19, 2007

Imageline Announce New DJ Software: DeckaDance

Imageline DeckaDance

Ok Floops users, I know you are about to cream your pants here. Imageline has announced a new DJ Application called DeckaDance, and it seems to have the flexibility that many DJ's have felt are lacking in software up until now. As seems standard with Imageline software DeckaDance can not only load VST's, but can also be loaded as a VST within a host. Very cool. Imageline even touts OSX support is coming in the future, something they have not done with their popular FLStudio software. Depending on how this is implemented it looks like it could be a real contender to challenge Ableton Live for performance software. Having the ability to load and be loaded as a VST instrument makes just about and DAW viable for live performance. I am curious to see if there is further integration with FLStudio as well. Looks like Imageline may have hit a homerun here.

Works as standalone or VSTi plugin inside hosts like FL Studio, Ableton Live
Hosts VSTi softsynths & FX
8-slot sampler that samples from the decks
8-slot VSTi host with midi database
Full timecoded Vinyl & CD support for all brands (This means you can use all of those vinyl scratch or whatever records/cd surfaces with it. Rumor has that it will automatically adapt sensitivity to the different brands so response is consistent.)

64-bit DSP, high quality processing.
6 inputs (3 x Stereo deck a input tracking, deck b input tracking, mic.
12 outputs (6 x Stereo): master mix, monitor, deck a, deck b, sampler, vsti.
Inputs and outputs pins fully ASIO configurable in the standalone version.
MP3, WAV and OGG audio tracks supported.
Seamless Loop / Cueing.
Unique Loop and Leap feature.
Unique Reverse and Leap feature.
Full low-latency vinyl tracking system supported for each deck.

Complete Details:
Supported timecoded Vinyl & CDs
Final Scratch
Serato Scratch Live
... (all other supported through vinyl control record speed "learning" mode)

8 Slot Sampler with loop, recording, beat sync, WAV, Ogg and pitchbend support
8 Slot VSTi Host: load up to 8 midi plugins.
8 Slot VSTi General MIDI file Player.
8-bit self-output-record / midi controllable microsampler.
Vst host midi-in thru. (ie: control hosted vst's from external keyboard/controller).
Flexible monitoring options: pre-fader listener level, phone split (L/R). Monitor rout switch/ vumeters for all elements.
Flexible crossfader options (linear or curved mode w/curve adjustment, reverse switch).
Seamless "beat jump" functions.
-36dB to +12dB low/mid/high eq range control. Band kill of -48dB.
Auto-Sync buttons.
Auto-Slave to main tempo/host tempo button
Auto Beat-Sync playback start.
Precisse pitch control.
Crossfader auto-transition control.
Crossfader with deck punch-in control.
3 Band EQ with 3 Band killer buttons.
Deck accurate pitchbend slow/fast control.
Deck downbeat shift control.
Tempo tracking switches (for tracks with variable tempo).

Fully editable "relooper" [reslice / rearrange loop in realtime].
Vumeters and master crossfader with embedded vumeters.
On-the-fly disk recorder.
Internal torque simulation with realistic mouse scratch/hold.
Pitch control and tempo variation feedback calculated from vinyl tracking relative speed, making bpm matching a breeze with turntable (for those who likes the real thing instead the slave mode).

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