Friday, February 23, 2007

Bassline Baseline - A Documentary Essay on the Roland TB-303

.:Bassline Baseline:.

The blog Bleepglitch has found an essay video by Nate Harrison (that same guy who did the essay of "Can I Get An Amen?") about the history and development of the Roland TB-303. As with the Amen documentary this one on the TB-303 follows suit with the owefully monotone speech of the essayist accompianied with the same indepth information. Thankfully this essay has more visuals to it about the TB-303 instead of just the spinning record featured in his previous video. You can find more information about these essays and more on Nate's website:



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Whoops, I guess you are right on that. We di an opposite post post a while back here: Video: The History of the Amen Break