Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Noisia Bassline Secret

I'm sure this is top secret, so don't go sharing it with all those icky junglists out there... or we'll never get rid of 'em!


For real, though, this little video illustrates a production that seems little-used in electronica: re-micing. Basically, taking a mic and recording the sound of your mix playing through an amp. You then take the newly recorded track and work it back into the original mix for artistic effect. The result normally employed by audio producers is a subtle thickening of the mix with "added dimension" and "character" and whatnot. It's when traditional studio geeks start talking about the "colour" of their vintage amps and mics. Noisia, however, uses it as a crude (but effective) way to work in a ghetto cutoff filter for evil cyber basslines. This trick can be particularly good if you have access to a nice condenser mic and/or vintage tube-driven guitar amps, but really just about anything can be interesting.

Of course, you have to know how this thing called "phase cancellation" works if using more than one mic, but that's a different article entirely.

Video found with the help of Mux .

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