Sunday, February 11, 2007

Audio Cubes: Experimental Control Device

.:Percussa Audio Cubes:.

I have been hearing about these little Audio Cubes from people who have been at NAMM. Apparently these little cubes are some experimental control interface that can manipulate music based on how you position and move the cubes. Compared to to some of the other academic experimental interfaces around, the Audio Cubes are actually being developed for commercial use, and the website even has some videos of it doing some practical control of an Elektron Machinedrum and Ableton Live.

AudioCubes is a tangible interface for sound design and exploration, under development at PERCUSSA. The interface consists of an arbitrary number of plastic cubes. Each of the cubes is capable of sound processing.

The cubes can be connected to a computer and can be programmed to process sound signals. By positioning and moving the cubes relative to each other, sound processing can be changed and a variety of sounds can be quickly designed and explored.


J. Wells said...

Nice one. I found these during my research for the entry some of the odder things at NAMM. Props for giving them the attention they deserved. I think they look interesting, but possibly extremely obtuse and hard to use. Maybe.

A new one by me should be hitting the page tonight or tomorrow. It will be the first of a series on the history of computer music, starting with Bell Labs and the later Altair.

bert said...

Just wanted to stop by to let you know the cubes can be used as a MIDI controller too... they generate trigger info and continuous controllers. great for live work!