Thursday, February 22, 2007

Liveslice: Live Looping VST Plugin

.:Livelab Liveslice:.

Liveslice is a VST (and Buzz plugin) that does exactly what it says. It slices up loops quickly and allows you re-arrange them in multiple ways and trigger them back in realtime. While it is certainly true that programs like Ableton Live can do this as well, Liveslice will work in any host and offers you the ability to save and create banks of chopped up loops in realtime while the audio is running. If you a Buzz Tracker user Liveslice is a free download, but a VST version of Liveslice VST will cost you 50 Euros or about $64 US.

Automatic or manual slicing
ACIDized loop import and export
Multitrack sequencer with snap / quantize
Host sync
Audio recording - synced to the host - can be used as a realtime dicer / granulator
Hi quality resampling using spline interpolation
Low CPU usage
Integrated loop browser with preview
full MIDI control
up to 32 tracks, 64 loops, 256 slices
resizable gui, zoom in slicer
up to 8 outputs with individual slice routing
integrated loop browser with preview
loads all uncompressed .wav formats
supports any sample rate

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