Saturday, January 05, 2008

I Need Some LivePA's From You!!!

As most of you know the LivePA podcast that I do on this blog is simply nothing more than me finding great LivePA acts out there on the net and linking to them on this site with a link to the artist's webpage. A lot of people have commented to me in emails and comments sections on how much they have enjoyed discovering some of the new artists on these links and listening to their work.

The problem is however, is that I am running out of resources to look for some new LivePA's. Simply put, but pot is running low of soup. So I am calling out to all of the readers and musicians out there. Send me your livesets!!!

If you are looking for some easy hosting of such a large file head on over to or to upload your tracks. This is a free hosting solution that will allow you embed and link to your files directly and permanently.

1 comment:

J. Wells said...

You'll get one from me sometime after jan. 19th. :-D