Friday, January 18, 2008

NAMM: Akai XR20 Drum-Machine

.:Akai XR20 Drum-machine:.

Well. It is the year of the drum-machines isn't it. Here we are with Akai announcing another drum-machine to the fray with the XR20. The XR20 has over 700 drum sounds with integrated reverb, EQ and compression. Of course it also has the MPC styled pads and it can also run off a battery.

While I am thinking this is just another ho-hum addition to the plethora out there, if it is price right then it might be a great addition to your arsenal.

-Backlit LCD
-Bright, glowing, backlit pads that follow the beat
-Microphone input and Headphone output
-Pattern Play Mode - Different patterns can be triggered from individual pads
-Drum Roll / Note Repeat feature for realism and expression
-Battery Power capability and AC Adapter


matty said...

Dude the akai xr20 sucks really bad!! I played with it at namm. I have a streetboxx and it kills the xr20! Whats crazy is that the sound set is an obvious copy of the streetboxx. It's a 100$ more than the zoom piece and does way less. This thing stinks

Dr.Dre said...

How wack is the akai xr20???!!! Dude im tired of corporate jerks acting like they know hip hop!!! This machine is over priced garbage!!! I played with it at namm!! The xr20 is a bad joke!!

M.A.S. said...

Hmmm, three comments almost exactly the same all within five minutes (One is on the XR-20/SR-18 same machine thread?

Seems like spam to me.

Anonymous said...

Seems like the XR20 has some people scared!!! People once made the same sort of comments about the REAL Dr. Dre back in the day. Look at him now.

Anonymous said...

It looks like spam to me too. "Jase" seems to be posting in multiple forums saying one comment and then leaving. Not answering why it sucks. Like he's trying to stay low key with one respones.

Anonymous said...

Scared???!! The only people that should be scared is the people who are dumb enough to buy this garbage....Akai thinks people are stupid. Everyone knows that the same person owns Alesis/Akai/Numark

They are all the same company. The Akai XR20 and the Alesis SR18 are the same machine with different casing and different sounds and they are both weak.

LOL we'll see who is scared......real soon!!!