Friday, January 18, 2008

NAMM: Waldorf Blofield

.:Waldorf Blofeld:.

While the BloFeld isn't really an NAMM announcement, NAMM is actually the first place I think most people are really getting a good inside look at the Blofeld.

"New" from Waldorf the Blofeld is a very deep synth featuring 16 timbres, 25 voices and 3 oscillators per voice. It features your standard oscillator waveforms in addition to Waldorf's famous wavetable synthesis. Specs are way too deep to fully feature here, but be sure to check out Waldorf's website for the full list of features.

-16 Timbres
-25 Voices
-7 Continuous Encoders
-Stereo Outputs
-Q, Microwave and XT wavetables
- Load Micro Q presets
- Built in Effects
- Built in Arpeggiator
- 2 Multi-Mode Filters

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