Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Rozzbox One V2 Synth: Now Accepting Pre-Orders in the US

.: Rozzbox One V2 Synth: Now Accepting Pre-Orders in the US:.

Looking for another sweet boutique synth to add to your collection? it looks like Rozzbox is coming to the US in limited quanities via Big City Music. Features include a 4-oscillator polysynth with analog filters, some crazy unknown functions known as the Hacker, the chaotic filtermode, switchable aliasing of the oscillators and much more! From the audio examples I have heard it seems that this one is definitely going for the broken nasty type of sound.

Full Specs:
-4 digital ocsillators with standard and 16 additional waveforms - hard-sync possible
-Configurable FM engine with 7 algorithms
-Noise, external audio input, ring modulator
-Includes 3 self-resonant Filter-Types:
-Digital high pass/low pass filter with resonance and 24dB/octave (4 filter poles)
-Analog low pass ladder filter with resonance and 24dB/octave (4 filter poles)
-Completely tube-driven analog low pass filter with resonance and 12B/octave (2 filter poles)
-2 independent filters per voice
-2 LFOs with standard waveforms and wave tracking, sync with MIDI
-2 ADSR Envelopes with switchable lin/exp characteristics and trigger modes
-4 completely independent sequencer lines per voice, each with its own running mode and sychronization settings
-Envelope follower with separate input
-Complex 4-point modulation matrix with 16 sources and 16 destinations
-Complex trigger matrix with unlimited connection count, for interconnection of LFOs, sequencers, envelope triggers, MIDI -clock, ...
-The switchable "Hacker" adds artificial analog aliasing (tunable)
-Bitreduction / Sample rate reduction
-'Chaos' mode of the digital filter
-Digital hardclipping
-Extensive multimode (up to 5 "Monophonic" sounds)
-Hands-on interface: 27 knobs, 29 slide switches, Full Graphic LED-display
-Individual out for each voice
-Full MIDI control of every parameter
-Compact size: 10" wide x 6" deep x 3 1/2" high (253x150x90mm)

via CreateDigitalMusic.com

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