Monday, January 21, 2008

Putsch Live at DBreach December 8th 2007

.:Putsch Live at DBreach December 8th 2007:.

This week's liveset comes from an email I recieved from the artist Nick Ronin aka. Putsch. Not a lot of information on this set, but Putsch is an audio/visual duo focusing on breakbeats and dub.


Putsch is a live multimedia electronic act combining the newest possibilities in live video mixing, scratching and fx with a highly visual, attention grabbing musical performance, all controlled by an eclectic variety of instruments and controllers on stage. With a musical style ranging from boneshaking breaks to shuddering dubstep, Putsch is a visual dance act like no other, a hypnotic synergy that will probably be banned as a threat to public apathy. It features audio producer Ronin, visual artist Influssi and the Mission Creep DJs as well as irregular guest performers.

Ronin and Putsch have a whole plethora of website that they are running so lets be sure to checkout them all out.

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