Monday, January 08, 2007

COSM Video: Discussing LivePA, what is Live and more

COSM, one of the artists that has been featured a lot on this blog has put up a nice video talking about his act as a livePA artist. he covers nicely how he does his show, and touches on the debate about if LivePA is really live performance music. Great video, and even if you are not really into livePA check this video for the great scenery he uses for a backdrop in his discussion.

This video coveres the processes and techniques I use when I perform live electronic music using my laptop, a synthesizer and midi controllers.

It begins with a little about me and my music, then moves on to a more in depth look at the techniques I use. It finishes with a short montage of clips taken from various gigs I have done.

More information, videos, pictures and free music can be found at my website

Check out his website as well

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