Friday, January 05, 2007

LivePA Podcast Episode 1: Introduction to LivePA (AAC)

Welcome to the first official LivePAcast. In this episode I talk about what exactly LivePA is, introducing all of you newbies out there to the concept and sounds of LivePA. This is our first official podcast so bear with us as we iron out the kinks and develop a show format.

At the end of this episode we have a liveset from Canadian LivePA artist Mux at the Listening Room from 2005 (

Next month I will go over the basics of developing your own LivePA and what gear exactly you will need to get yourself up on the stage. Until then, keep listening in to all of the great livesets on this feed and come check us out over at the LivePA Blog (

Note: Many of our podcast subscribers may have noticed on December 30th there was a surge in new liveset links. These are in fact old posts from before the podcast was setup, and I refreshed them hoping these would show up in the feed. The did in-fact show up in the feed but unfortunately their date was on the refresh date, not the date posted. I encourage everyone to check those podcasts out. I know we will eventually get this whole podcast thing down.

.:LivePA Podcast Episode 1: Introduction to LivePA (AAC):.

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