Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Follow Up: Timbaland Accused of Stealing Music

I am posting this as a follow up to yesterday's post (here) regarding Timbaland being accused of stealing the song AcidJazzed Evening from the Artist Tempest. This website is apparently the offical statement from the artist himself.



In early August 2000, I, Janne Suni, released a song called Acidjazzed Evening under the moniker Tempest in the oldschool music competition at one of the largest demoparties, Assembly. The original format of the song is MOD, a module format originated on the Amiga computer. In the music competition it got 4249 points from the voters, placing 1st out of 15 qualified entries. The complete results of Assembly 2000 can be found here.

Right after Assembly 2000, Acidjazzed Evening, as well as all the other competition entries released at the party, were uploaded to Scene.org, which is a registered non-profit organization aimed at providing the electronic art scene with a forum for communication and a platform to share their work.

I have never given up the copyrights of Acidjazzed Evening. I also have never authorized commercial use of the song. In 2002, however, Glenn Rune Gallefoss (also known as GRG) made a conversion/arrangement of the Acidjazzed Evening which was not released commercially. This arrangement was made on the Commodore 64 computer. It was authorized by me, and Glenn Rune Gallefoss explicitly asked for permission before releasing the arrangement.

Links to the orginal .MOD file can be found on the above link as well as other information.

Additionally, Defsounds.com has links to the complete songs in much higher quality then the Youtube videos and after listenign to both songs completely, I have to say myself the arguement of plagerizm in this case is all the more strong.

You can find the complete songs at the following link: .:Defsounds.com:.

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