Friday, January 19, 2007

NAMM wishlist...

Well if you're like me you've been watching the forums out there for news regarding your favorite software/hardware companies during this NAMM season. :) For a full list of all the crazy new gear coming out, I've been checking out .:KVR Audio:. as they seem to have a definitive (if yet a little disorganized) breakdown of what to look for on their frontpage. That's really cool of them (did you see that .:Arturia Origin:.? ...zomg total techno boner).

As a Cubase 4 and Virus TI owner, I've been waiting with baited breath and checking like a maniac for updates to those particular items.

So after a little fishing I saw that the Yamaha/Steinberg marriage seems to be going well as they announced something to go with the Yamaha Motif series, .:Cubase AI4:. - which is essentially a hookup for the Motif to Cubase to use some new features and further integrate your studio. Very cool. However with the disappointing cancellation of the Cubase SX3.1.2 update by Steinberg, what users are foaming at the mouth for is an update to Cubase 4 itself. Bugs seem to abound in Steinberg's latest flagship release (I know I'm having bugs), so anticipation is that an update is on it's way presently, especially since the Cubase 4 forum moderators are hinting pretty strongly that it's coming. Will it arrive for NAMM? Well, I'd rather they fix the bugs and it takes an extra week than have them rush something out that doesn't address things well enough.

Another thing which popped up was some .PDF and infos about Access releasing an "OS 2.0" for their Virus TI. I first saw it posted to the .:Access Virus TI forum:. and it seems like there's a laundry list of things that will supposedly be added: Enhanced wavetable synthesis, new wavetables, new oscillator types (grain-table and formant oscillators), category sorting, patch complexity indicator and 2 new ROM banks. Well, kudos to Access if that's true but there have been some obvious doubts to the legitimacy of this report. That's the internet for you, there's always "that guy that knows this beta-tester who told him" so we can only wait and see...

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