Friday, January 26, 2007

Luciana Haill: Litterally Producing Music With Her Mind.

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Ok, talk about doing it live. Luciana Haill (awesome name btw) is making music with her brainwaves, by hooking up an electroencephalogram (EEG machine) wired with bluetooth that then runs to her computer. The data sent via bluetooth then triggers samples to form a song. She is taking her great idea on the road with thirty other artists in the .:Future of Sound Tour:. allowing audience members to wear the headset and participate in the music.

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The brain operates in the same units sound waves are measured in -- hertz," said Haill. "You're getting raw data from the prefrontal cortex but feeding it through software -- a little bit from the left hemisphere and a little bit from the right...I want to create something that we can all listen to even if we don't quite understand it... I want people to understand that brain waves are changing. It's not something you could have as a ringtone, but you could trigger a film clip, for example, when your mind is slipping into that twilight."

Haill has been using her brain-scanning hardware for the last 14 years to play MIDI with her mind, but says it is the inter-application events protocol in Apple's OS X operating system that allows her to trigger different GarageBand samples and other devices for each type of neuro activity and for each side of the cortex.

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Anonymous said...

You can hear some real EEG sonifications and sample activations, including March's total eclipse of the moon inspired scape, at
( look further down the page for the extra mp3 players i have loaded with sounds ) thank you !
Lu chi