Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Liveset: Dynamic Interplay- Geologic 7/17/05

.:Dynamic Interplay- Geologic 7/17/05:.

For this week's liveset, I am going to tout myself with a little self promotion here. This is an old set of mine from back in 2005 recorded at an outdoor festival called Geologic. Geologic was held in Murphysburo Illinois at an old rock formation in a canyon. The event was quite spectacular.

I was one of the last performers of the three day festival performing on Sunday morning in the IDM tent. The event was really quite miserable being super humid and in the upper ninties the entire time. Imagine goa trance blasting 72 hours straight and everyone just laying on picnic benches because they were dying. Yeah it was that hot, and I was wet for three days straight. Southern Illinois is southern United States as far as I am concerned

By the time I performed on Sunday morning I was pretty much ready to get out of there. It even began raining during my set.

Peforming at Geologic was one of those things that you gotta say you will do once, but never wish to do again. Anyways, I hope you enjoy the set.

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