Sunday, January 07, 2007 Another Way to Get Your Music and Videos On People's iPods is an intresting website and concept that I have come across this morning. MogoPop is a free web-based service that allows people to easily create multi-media for the iPod. Now you may be asking what is so great about MogoPop when I can just send out my mp3s or podcast? Well MogoPop is multi-content related. You can upload just about any media, ranging music, to video, to text, to games and have all of this different media in a single file for a person to download an put on their iPod. MogoPop says to think of it almost like letting a person put a website with all of the media content to it right on the iPod.

For those adventurous enough that seems very interesting. Imagine for a minute not only just putting music on your iPod, but simultaniously putting access to videos, your bio, pictures, games, interactive maps, and more. Sounds like a pretty good selling point for artists to me. I can see how this would be a fantastic tool for event organizers to provide performance times, artist samples, stage locations and more for their events.

The only drawback appears to be that you have to use the Mogo software to upload and download the content to your iPod, although MogoPop says there is good integration with iTunes.

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