Friday, January 19, 2007

NAMM 2007: LivePA Related Gear

Winter NAMM 2007

Winter NAMM has started and I am extremely excited. I have always loved reading about all of the new hear that is coming out and all of the cool and sometimes not so cool things that companies think we will buy.

Unfortunately, none of the LivePA Blog writers will be at NAMM. We are not that important apparently and NAMM did not generously send us any press passes. Regardless though, we will try to keep track of some of the new gear that is reported on other websites so as to pull out the interesting and most relevant stuff for the LivePA artist.

Upon my initial readings from reports it appears that this year’s NAMM has an extremely high amount of software DJ equipment, packages and combination systems. I have already seen two interface devices from both M-audio and Vestax online and they both look to be quite interesting, with some real possible applications for the LivePA artist. Check back later today to see a post on some of my initial thoughts as well as some info on that gear.

On the flip side there is of course plethora of production gear coming out as well. Hybrid mixers seem to be the thing with just about everyone offering USB and Firewire analog mixers. From a LivePA standpoint that looks to be extremely promising for more integration of the hardware and software aspects of our production.

Finally, there looks to be some great new synths coming out. I suspect you will probably see the standard fair of keyboard workstations, but the small form keyboard synth seems to be in style again and that space saving design is always a blessing for LivePA artists.
Anyways, we will try to keep up with the info from NAMM as best we can, and provide information that is relevant to LivePA artists.

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